Why Should You Choose The HugaMonkey Baby Carrier?




These days there are many options when picking out a baby carrier for your newborn. We believe that the HugaMonkey baby carrier is the right solution for your family. This belief stems from our desire for simplicity, convenience and safety - all without breaking the bank. We're real moms and dads just like you and we understand that a quality product doesn't need to cost a fortune.

Baby Carrier Simplicity

The need for simplicity in our lives is really beginning to come into it's own these days, with most of us just too overwhelmed with all we want and need to do. Work, family, community, relaxation, fun and spirituality all require our precious time, which at times is fleeting. A short time ago I was visiting my sister-in-law, she handed me her 10 month old and said, "I'll be right back, I'm going to go put my wrap on." Well, fifteen minutes later she comes back flustered with her wrap on - the nephew and I ready to go. We put the boy in the wrap and off we went.

Wrap, exit stage left. HugaMonkey enter stage right, baby carrier on and ready to go in 30 seconds flat!

Simplicity has other important elements too. So often I see other baby carriers that have really fun and funky fabrics, indeed very beautiful fabrics - the challenge is what to wear. You see, with a carrier that is foo-foo here and foo-foo there you have to wear plain, plain, plain.

Foo-foo exit stage left. HugaMonkey enter stage right, simple colors, black, brown, stone, aqua and natural organic go with any outfit.

n tandem with simplicity is the need for a baby carrier that works with you and not against you, also known as the convenience factor. The HugaMonkey baby carrier requires no folding or adjusting - just put it on and go. It [node:20,title="will not slip"] and your precious little one is safe and secure. Many baby carriers force the baby to be carried in one or two positions which can cause undo strain on both parent and child.

Inconvenience, exit stage left. HugaMonkey enter stage right. We have a saying: 1 carrier, 5 colors, 7 uses. It's really that simple.

Baby Sling Safety

The evolution of the HugaMonkey baby carrier has been moving for nearly a decade - we simply would not have gotten this far if our carrier was not safe to use. Our deep pocket pouch is literally impossible for the baby to fall out of. Trust us, we use our product ourselves every day and we simply won't risk it. The cargo is just too precious.

We believe that smart mom's will choose HugaMonkey over the many choices out there today. Moms need Simplicity, Convenience and Safety. Moms need HugaMonkey.