The HugaMonkey Brigade

Leah Higginbotham - CEO, CMH (Chief Monkey Hugger) and Co-Founder

I've recently come to realize a little more about myself and my unique features. It happened when a friend purchased 8 chickens, and I became overwhelmingly excited. He said, "You? Chickens? Never would've guessed."

I grew up with chickens, ducks, a fish pond, dogs, and one cute little Vietnamese pot bellied pig named Daisy. Each year I long more and more for lots of land, crops, wide open spaces, and chickens.

I guess it's strange because people who don't know my background or deepest desires see my love for fashion, funky hair, hip hop, sweet dance moves, and wackiness and get the impression that I'm some sort of city slicker. But I embrace a whole world of variety: getting fancied up, and getting dirty with my 3 kiddos, reading books quietly, and cranking Michael Jackson up for a kitchen dance-off, spending hours on a luxurious ethnic dish, and eating Cinnamon Life right out of the box. I could go on a mountain bike ride in the morning and to the theatre with my handsome hubby at night, with a splash of wresting on the bed with my two boys in the afternoon, and Barbies with my daughter before bed.

Dylan Higginbotham - COO, CEO (Chief Eating Officer) and Co-Founder

Hola. My name is Dylan.

I'm married to Leah and yes she is as hot as she says she is!

I grew up in Farmington Missouri. I've seen lots of fireflies and they are totally awesome. After I paid my dues in Farmington, I moved to Oakland California to be an LDS missionary. While there I learned to speak Spanish and I learned to love Mexican food. Posole is my most favorite Mexican dish.

After Oakland, I moved to Richfield Utah and that's where I met Leah. After we married we moved to Salt Lake City and I graduated from the University of Utah. While in school, we started our family with our baby (now big) girl and boy.

We spent 1.5 years in Portland Oregon and it was AWESOME! I love that state and I really love their beaches. One time a dead whale washed up on shore. It was big and nasty!

Now we live in Orem, Utah and that's where we started HugaMonkey baby carriers and added our 3rd child to the family - a boy that gets mistaken for a girl.

I love to play basketball. The Utah Jazz are the best team and will be NBA champions. Some of you might think that's not likely, but I'm optimistic and will keep on thinking that way.

I love music. So much in fact, I've been a deejay for the past 10 years. I'm not your typical plug in an ipod and press play "deejay". Nope, I'm your typical rock the house party at the drop of a hat, mixing and scratching battle deejay!

I also love internet marketing and building HugaMonkey. My HugaMonkey duties include ordering materials, setting up site systems, marketing, eating food - basically the day to day operation

Clint Eagar - CTO, CFO, Co-Founder and Head Nerd

Somehow I've ended up with six monkeys! I love them and I love their mother - that's probably how I ended up with six!

I really enjoy HugaMonkey. Our atmosphere and kill corporate America attitude is very refreshing and invigorating. I'll share more later on this point.

I have been working on the internets and websites since 2000, that's almost a decade - I definitely don't feel that old except when I see all the gray hairs in the mirror, then I am most assuredly that old and old enough to have six kids. My internet specialties include website implementation, analytics, A/B testing and SEO - I like Hulu too (well I used to, now there are too many commercials).

In 2006 my wife and I sold one of our businesses called OneCraftyMama to a wonderful family in Roy, Utah. It was sad to see it go but we needed to focus on other things at the time. I've worked for an internet marketing company called OrangeSoda, the industry leader in web analytics, Omniture, Allstate Insurance, and the University of Utah in the Department of Human Genetics.

Personally, I love to do anything with my sweetheart (Tasha), mountain bike, wrestle with my kids, water ski, and read books, oh, and I'm known to play the occasional game of WarCraft III: Frozen Throne and I'm currently chomping at the bit for StarCraft II to come out (hurry up Blizzard).

Carrie Higginbotham - Customer Love Expert and CCM (Chief Cookie Maker)

I'm a young, hip mom of two little boys, and I feel like the best moments of our lives are happening right now. Little kids have the best outlook on life. For example, I wake up each morning worried with boring adult responsibilities, but when my oldest boy wakes up, his only concerns are styling his hair like "rock-n-roll hair" or learning the He-Man song before he eats his Superman pancakes!

My boys have taught me great lessons---like how to think outside the box and not to worry about what others say or see and to just keep everything simple. My 3 year-old is so happy to wear his homemade Batman cape everywhere he goes. His happiness comes from something so simple, and I love the courage it gives him. I wish I had a tool to give me more bravery.

Family is definitely where it's at. Most of my time is spent with my children doing things like sewing play clothes, walking to the library and reading, playing rock music, making awesome forts, going on walks or hikes and even taking long trips. At the end of the day, when I'm drying our puddle-drenched pants and pulling out handfuls of rocks, sticks and toy cars from their pockets, I always smile and remember that no matter what anyone else thought, we had a most fun and simple day.