HugaMonkey Adjustable Classic Pink Dog Cat Pet Sling - Extra Large

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Pet Slings include many convenient features. 97% Kona Cotton.

Made from Fabric, resists moisture.

Can be worn in a variety of comfortable, secure positions

Holds pets up to 15 lbs

Color: Pink. Size: Extra Large.

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Hugamonkey Pet Slings are the comfortable way to carry your pet. Pet lovers will adore these comfortable pet slings carriers. This rich classic pink-colored sling is a necessity for your chic wardrobe. Its neutral color goes with practically anything (and we mean anything) hanging in your closet, and the texture is to die for. Its durable fiber does its best to fend off those pesky wrinkles, and its color works just as hard as to avoid fading. Hugamonkey pet Slings can hold the whole Pet and just keep the head outside, and you can treat your pet as a baby. Pets breathe freely and feel comfortable in it. Hugamonkey Pet Slings are perfect for everyday walk and weekend adventure with your pets and perfect combination of convenience and style. Made in India. Washing Instructions - HugaMonkey pet Sling: Wash your pet sling in cold water. Tumble dry. Do not bleach.