Boogaloo 58 - Seashell Blue

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New product

Seashell Blue color

Backpack converts into changing station

Includes large clear internal pockets and removable changing mat

Attaches easily to stroller

Product Dimensions: 16.125 x 14.5 x 6.25. Materials: Nylon Microfiber

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This Seashell Blue Diaper Bag Backpack features the unique Boogaloo "Change n' Go” system, converting a backpack into a changing station. It comes with large internal pockets, an integral changing mat, and two spacious insulated sections for bottles and food. Also has clear internal pockets that make it easy to pack/find every thing quickly. Attaches easily to the stroller and comes complete with a handy phone compartment and a dummy/toy cord. The changing mat is removable. Product Dimensions: 16.125 x 14.5 x 6.25. Materials: Nylon Microfiber.